Family Members and Character Count

Ball - 9 members
Cross - 4 members
Gallows - 6 members
Hunt - 4 members
Lock - 5 members
Lush - 2 members
Michaels - 7 members
Soule - 3 members
Turner - 6 members
Usagi - 4 members
Watt - 6 members

Dusk - 3 members
Cloud - 1 member

Total: 60

F to M Ratio

Ball - 6 F / 3 M
Cross - 2 F / 2 M
Gallows - 2 F / 4 M
Hunt - 1 F / 3 M
Lock - 2 F / 3 M
Lush - 0 F / 2 M
Michaels - 2 F / 5 M
Soule - 1 F / 2 M
Turner - 5 F / 1 M
Usagi - 2 F / 2 M
Watt - 3 F / 3 M

Dusk - 3 F / 0 M
Cloud - 0 F / 1 M

Total Female: 29
Total Male: 31


All my darling chickies from MRMAS


The rest of my boys from MRMAS

gonna redo my theme.

I like this one but I don’t think it works for MRMAS

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I’m really sorry about the lack of updates guys.

Lots of personal things have been going on and I haven’t found the thing to work on MRMAS.

But don’t worry, Spring Break is coming up. I will for sure work on something then.

kat-zone asked: Are any of the characters attracted to the same sex?

Fallon is gay. He’s the only one I know for sure is going to end up with someone of the same gender.

Beck and Iris are pansexual, so gender doesn’t really mean anything to them.
They’ll end up with whoever peeks their interest.

And I’m debating Mia.
Since I don’t have a lesbian character, why not make it the least likely suspect?
I dunno, I’m still in the fence.


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Cast’s Family

Ball Family

  • Elijah Ball (father)
  • Genevieve Ball (mother)
  • Cora Ball (older sister) (twin)
  • Nora Ball (older sister) (twin)
  • Sebastian Ball (older brother)
  • Callie Ball
  • Miles Ball (younger brother)
  • Ruby Ball (younger sister) (twin)
  • Holden Ball (younger sister) (twin)

Cross Family

  • Denver Cross (father)
  • Madeline Cross (mother)
  • Riley Cross (older brother)
  • Envy Cross

Gallows Family

  • Derik Gallows (father)
  • Jubilee Gallows (mother)
  • Dante Gallows (older brother)
  • Jeb Gallows (older brother)
  • Beck Gallows
  • Broddy Gallows (younger brother)

Hunt Family

  • German Hunt (father)
  • Tilly Hunt (mother)
  • Jasper Hunt (older brother)
  • Jaden Hunt (younger brother)

Lock Family

  • Polar Lock (father)
  • Sonya Lock (mother)
  • Stella Lock (older sister)
  • Rayce Lock
  • Cecil Lock (younger brother)

Lush Family

  • Carson Lush (father) {deceased}
  • Dianna Lush (mother) {deceased}
  • Isaac Lush (older brother) [Robbie Hoste]
  • Konner Lush (younger brother)

Michaels’ Family

  • Marcus Michaels (father)
  • Paul Siya (step father)
  • Holly Siya (step sister) (older)
  • Fallon Michaels
  • Agatha Michaels-Barbara (mother)
  • Oliver Barbara (step father)
  • Montgomery Barbara (step brother) (older)

Osaki Family

  • Hiro Osaki (father)
  • Ai Osaki (mother)
  • Miya Osaki (older sister) [Mia]
  • Sou Osaki (younger brother)

Soule Family

  • Mark Soule (father)
  • Lydia Fallus (mother) [not around]
  • Ren Soule

Turner Family

  • Calico Turner (father)
  • Olive Turner (mother)
  • Angel Turner (oldest sister)
  • Macey Turner (older sister)
  • Beverly Turner
  • Laya Turner (younger sister)

Watt Family

  • Silas Watt (father)
  • Rosalie Watt (mother)
  • Landon Watt (older brother)
  • Iris Watt
  • Wren Watt (younger brother)
  • Aurora Watt (younger sister)
Anonymous asked: What is everyone's favorite beverage?

Envy: That’s easy! Any kind of tea. I’m kinda a huge tea fanatic.
Iris: Energy drinks. I’ve been drinking them for years and they turned into my form of coffee.
Beck: I’m an energy drinker too.
Beverly: I drink everything. Mostly soda.
Mia: Coffee.
Callie: I can’t choose. Hmmm, oh! Juice! I like juice!

Robbie: Coffee. Coffee is like my life in a cup.
Jasper: Soda. Need it everyday.
Ren: Any kind of smoothie. Baby’s gotta keep up his vitamin intake.
Rayce: Uh tea? I usually have iced tea when I’m at work.
Fallon: Water all day~ I cut out soda a year ago and there is no way I’m ever drinking it again.
Konner: Milkshakes. I live and breathe milkshakes. They’re so freaking good!
Jaden: Lemonade. My palette is on the sour side so lemonade is perfect.

lunabell02 asked: TMI Friday. Sorry I got nothing. Ummm happy friday QuQb

Jasper: *annoyed tone* It’s not friday anymore…
Iris: Jasper, don’t be such a spoil sport.
Jasper: Whatever *heavy sigh*
Iris: Sorry about him, Luna. *shoves Jasper away so he can’t answer* Happy Saturday to you honey bell~!

TMI Friday~

Ask us anything! Like ANYTHING! We haaave to answer no matter how embarrassing or weird!


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