Potentially changing some of the characters last names to fit their ethnicity

Parent Types

Ball - Charismatic

  • Callie’s parents are the party parents. They are very charismatic and likable. They focus on the well being of their children while balancing work and finances.

Cross - Work Oriented

  • Envy’s parents tend to bury themselves in their work. More often than not, they actually forget about Riley and Envy. Since both of them work in the editing business, they work long hours and rarely get time off.

Gallows - Cool

  • Beck’s parents are actors so they are very lenient about what their children do. They believe that they shouldn’t restrict their children to anything because they don’t want to deprive them of experiences.

Hunt - Nonexistent

  • Jasper and Jaden’s parents are not really in the house most of the time. Due to their political standing, their father is out of the country most of the time. And their mother lives out of her office so both don’t see their children but four times a month.

Lock - Charming

  • Rayce’s parents are bright and caring. They are strict but not constricting. They believe that freedom needs to be earned but they are very good listeners. They never force anything on their children and play more of a Aunt and Uncle role.

Lush - n/a

  • Isaac and Konnor’s parents are deceased.

Michaels - Best Friend

  • Fallon’s parents are young and spunky. Both of his parents remarried and his dad is his best friend. He and his dad connect on such an unreachable level. His dad is also gay so he more than understands his son. Fallon’s mother was not very accepting at first but she grew to understand his views.

Soule - Distant

  • Ren’s parents are not in the picture but they are still in his world. His dad lost his mother very early on and she hasn’t been heard from since. His father does not value anyone other than himself. He’s not fit to be a parent, while he knows that he still tries at times.

Turner - Two-Faced

  • Beverly’s parents are charming at first glance. They are posh and well-mannered, their atmosphere is almost inviting. But they are only interested in creating strong ties and social standing. They do genuinely care about their children but they are more interested in playing the political game.

Usagi - Strict

  • Miya’s parents are extremely strict. Her mother is a nurse and her father is a dentist. They believe education is the key to everything so grades play the biggest part in how they interact.

Watt - Accepting

  • Iris’ parents are the most accepting out of all the sets. They know when to play the parent role and also the best friend role. Whenever they have time off, they have family time. They are a very close knit family.

Beverly is a very layered character. She’s very harsh and sharp but on the inside she’s hurting. She doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do beyond high school so this lands her in a very tough position.

Senior year rolls around and Beverly enters a long term relationship with a college student named Jamie. They end up dating for almost 3 years. Just before they get to celebrate their third year together, Beverly finds out she’s pregnant. When she tells Jamie, he breaks their relationship off. He wasn’t ready to be a father because they were both 21 at the time.

Beverly ends up having to grow up and look at things differently. It was very hard for her to place her child above herself. She spent a majority of her pregnancy hating herself. It wasn’t until she heard her baby’s heartbeat during month 7 that she realized how selfish she was being. She ended up giving birth with Callie and everyone by her side to a healthy baby girl who she named Dakota.

At age 24, Beverly had turned into a completely different person. She was caring and kind, she was considerate of people and even made an effort to help other single mothers in need. One day, she was passing a flower shop and a young boy ran out in front of her into the street. She yanked him back onto the sidewalk, bewildered at how careless this boy was. This was when Beverly met Violetta and her son Gwen. The two ended up connecting and ended up happily married 3 years later.

I think that’s enough spoilers on Beverly for now~

Family Members and Character Count

Ball - 9 members
Cross - 4 members
Gallows - 6 members
Hunt - 4 members
Lock - 5 members
Lush - 2 members
Michaels - 7 members
Soule - 3 members
Turner - 6 members
Usagi - 4 members
Watt - 6 members

Dusk - 3 members
Cloud - 1 member

Total: 60

F to M Ratio

Ball - 6 F / 3 M
Cross - 2 F / 2 M
Gallows - 2 F / 4 M
Hunt - 1 F / 3 M
Lock - 2 F / 3 M
Lush - 0 F / 2 M
Michaels - 2 F / 5 M
Soule - 1 F / 2 M
Turner - 5 F / 1 M
Usagi - 2 F / 2 M
Watt - 3 F / 3 M

Dusk - 3 F / 0 M
Cloud - 0 F / 1 M

Total Female: 29
Total Male: 31


All my darling chickies from MRMAS


The rest of my boys from MRMAS

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kat-zone asked: Are any of the characters attracted to the same sex?

Fallon is gay. He’s the only one I know for sure is going to end up with someone of the same gender.

Beck and Iris are pansexual, so gender doesn’t really mean anything to them.
They’ll end up with whoever peeks their interest.

And I’m debating Mia.
Since I don’t have a lesbian character, why not make it the least likely suspect?
I dunno, I’m still in the fence.


Cast’s Family

Ball Family

  • Elijah Ball (father)
  • Genevieve Ball (mother)
  • Cora Ball (older sister) (twin)
  • Nora Ball (older sister) (twin)
  • Sebastian Ball (older brother)
  • Callie Ball
  • Miles Ball (younger brother)
  • Ruby Ball (younger sister) (twin)
  • Holden Ball (younger sister) (twin)

Cross Family

  • Denver Cross (father)
  • Madeline Cross (mother)
  • Riley Cross (older brother)
  • Envy Cross

Gallows Family

  • Derik Gallows (father)
  • Jubilee Gallows (mother)
  • Dante Gallows (older brother)
  • Jeb Gallows (older brother)
  • Beck Gallows
  • Broddy Gallows (younger brother)

Hunt Family

  • German Hunt (father)
  • Tilly Hunt (mother)
  • Jasper Hunt (older brother)
  • Jaden Hunt (younger brother)

Lock Family

  • Polar Lock (father)
  • Sonya Lock (mother)
  • Stella Lock (older sister)
  • Rayce Lock
  • Cecil Lock (younger brother)

Lush Family

  • Carson Lush (father) {deceased}
  • Dianna Lush (mother) {deceased}
  • Isaac Lush (older brother) [Robbie Hoste]
  • Konner Lush (younger brother)

Michaels’ Family

  • Marcus Michaels (father)
  • Paul Siya (step father)
  • Holly Siya (step sister) (older)
  • Fallon Michaels
  • Agatha Michaels-Barbara (mother)
  • Oliver Barbara (step father)
  • Montgomery Barbara (step brother) (older)

Osaki Family

  • Hiro Osaki (father)
  • Ai Osaki (mother)
  • Miya Osaki (older sister) [Mia]
  • Sou Osaki (younger brother)

Soule Family

  • Mark Soule (father)
  • Lydia Fallus (mother) [not around]
  • Ren Soule

Turner Family

  • Calico Turner (father)
  • Olive Turner (mother)
  • Angel Turner (oldest sister)
  • Macey Turner (older sister)
  • Beverly Turner
  • Laya Turner (younger sister)

Watt Family

  • Silas Watt (father)
  • Rosalie Watt (mother)
  • Landon Watt (older brother)
  • Iris Watt
  • Wen Watt (younger brother)
  • Aurora Watt (younger sister)
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